Research Services

We provide strategic research services, supporting a wide range of clients – corporates, consulting, law, accountancy firms and others looking for specific analysis. We are 100% B2B, company data focused and we specialise in understanding and presenting accurate company information, such as market share by revenue, company profiling, identifying specific companies in specific industries on a pan-European and Global basis and other company information. This analysis goes deeper than the information you can extract from commercially paid for databases. We maintain ongoing access to corporate registries worldwide, so we can extract detailed segment data from company reports providing a much more detailed insight into the activities of listed companies’ subsidiaries and private companies – which you cannot get from a D&B, Zoominfo or Bureau van Dijk subscription.

Market Share Research – We will identify your key competitors in a number of markets and analyse their revenues within the specific segments you choose. This will then form the basis of a market share research analysis. (more)

Market Analysis – A full market analysis of your industry in chosen markets. Typically market size, market trends, competitor ranking, company profiles, market forecast, but clients can specify their exact needs depending on requirements. (more)

M&A Target Identification – We use paid-for databases and company registries to identify companies that fit a specific criteria chosen by our clients. We provide details on financials, ownership, product / service and other business information and provide deeper dives on short-listed acquisition targets. (more)

Competitor Research – We provide key competitor research and analysis of your closest competitors include financial analysis, products and services, client portfolio, growth and strategy, key management and other client requested data.

Company Profiles – We supply basic company profiles to our clients on an ongoing basis, and update details continuously concerning periodic financial performance, client wins, latest news and developments, product and service introductions, new office openings, acquisitions and new hires.

UK Company ListsWith access to data on over 7 million UK companies we can help you build company data for targeting, suppliers, competitors or other purposes. We can supply you with company counts and we can select UK companies based on turnover, location, industry (SIC code), number of employees and many other metrics.

Company Rankings – We provide rankings of companies in all sectors globally, ranked by revenue. For example, Top 100 Grocery Retailers in China, or Top 1,000 Construction Companies in California.

Supplier / Partner Identification – You may wish to engage us to find potential suppliers in new jurisdictions or to find strategic partners to work with in new markets. We research and supply data to fit your requirements.

Acquisitions Data Tracking – If you’re in M&A we track acquisitions on a customised basis for clients. Acquisition data includes Headline, Date, Type, Acquiror, Target, Target Services, Valuation, Country, Continent, Target Industry, Rationale, Summary.

Contract Awards Data – If you’re in a segment where you bid for contracts, we provide a contracts awards database. This data allows you to see which of your competitors are winning contracts, and potentially, bid for contracts coming up for renewal.

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