Oracle Sweden Revenue and Revenue by Segment 2019-2022

Oracle Sweden Revenue and Revenue by Segment 2019-2022

Oracle Svenska AB supplies software for enterprise information management. The Company offers databases and relational servers, application development, and decision support tools, and enterprise business applications. Oracle Svenska offers their enterprise software products and services to customers worldwide.

Oracle’s overall strategy is to continue to broaden its customer base while adding additional value to its existing customers. Oracle still offers fully integrated solutions that combine server and storage hardware with licensed software, where all components are designed to work together. At the same time, new business areas such as services related to software and infrastructure (cloud-based) are being developed to create future revenues. Oracle sees this as a unique competitive advantage, and therefore predicts next year’s revenue and operating profit to be in line with the current year.

Oracle Sweden had revenues of SEK622.6m in 2022 (€58.6m), down from revenues of SEK661.2m in 2021 (€65.2m).

Oracle Sweden Revenue 2019-2022

Revenue 2019 2020 2021 2022
Oracle Sweden Revenue SEKm 912.9 673.4 661.2 622.6
Oracle Sweden Revenue €m 86.2 64.2 65.2 58.6

The largest business segment of Oracle Sweden was Commission Income, which had revenues of SEK436.2m in 2022 (€41.06m). The other business segments of Oracle Sweden were Consulting Income and Product Development.

Oracle Sweden Revenue by Segment 2019-2022

Revenue 2019 2020 2021 2022
Consulting Income SEKm  135.3  131.4  164.7  182.8
Commission Income SEKm  702.1  512.3  494.4  436.2
Product Development SEKm  69.5  13.5  2.1  3.5
Consulting Income €m  12.78  12.53  16.23  17.21
Commission Income €m  66.32  48.86  48.72  41.06
Product Development €m  6.56  1.29  0.21  0.33

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