Mercedes AMG F1 Company Financial Performance 2018-2022

Mercedes AMG F1 Company Financial Performance 2018-2022

The main activity of the company (Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited) is to operate and manage a Formula One racing team. The turnover of the company was £474.6m in 2022, compared to £383m in 2021. The increase was primarily due to higher commercial revenues from Formula One, sponsorship and the company’s Applied Science operation.

The company made a profit after taxation of £89.7m in 2022, compared to £68.8m in 2021. As a result the company delivered £55.2m in dividends to shareholders from distributable funds.

The Applied Science division continued to develop its bespoke engineering capability and services, working with several key clients on exciting projects, most notably the support of the INEOS Britannia project for the America’s Cup 37 challenge. According to the company, this division’s growth has been a positive step in the redeployment of resources enabled by the introduction of the Financial Regulations.

Furthermore, during the year, the company also completed the acquisition of the real estate assets for the Brackley campus, which will give a more secure, robust and autonomous business model for the future, and enable investment into net-zero facilities as the campus is further developed.

Mercedes AMG F1 Financial Performance 2018-2022

£m 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Turnover 338.4 363.6 355.3 383.3 474.6
Operating Profit 16.7 18.1 17.5 71.9 113.6

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