Market Analysis Services

Market Analysis Services

Our team began research and writing market analysis reports in 1994. Many years later, the same themes are found in market analysis services. Typically a market analysis project, or report, contains central themes, such as market size and growth, market segments size and growth, an analysis of key market trends influencing the market, analysis of the leading players (revenue, market shares, rankings, profiles, services and other data) and market and market segment forecasts (which should always be considered estimates).

Our team has researched and authored hundreds of market analysis reports which have been purchased by thousands of clients over the years. The team has also worked on dozens of custom research and consulting projects where research is conducted solely for a client who specifies the requirements of the market analysis.

These services are available on a custom basis for clients. Get in touch to discuss.

Market Size
A combination of top-down and bottom up approach. Top down takes data from national statistics such as gross domestic product and other signals. Bottom up approach analyses the turnover of leading companies within the sector along with a consideration of how consolidated the sector is. Five year data is typical to show growth progression.

Market Segmentation
Most industry sectors can be segmented into smaller related sub-sectors. An example is the Facilities Management market which can be segmented into cleaning, security, catering, electrical and mechanical services and others. Again, five year data shown along with growth. These segments should largely match segment reporting by the leading companies operating in the market.

Market Trends
An assessment of the major trends impacting on the market. The major trends affecting a particular market depends on the market itself, but the important factors are economic, technological, legal and the unexpected (Covid). For example GDP affects B2B markets, and the advent of internet shopping (technological) has affected retail markets. Similarly legislation affects markets and companies (e.g. Airbnb regulation in New York).

Competitor Analysis
A ranking of the leading companies in the market. Companies can be ranked on a range of metrics, including revenue and volume metrics. Typically companies will be ranked by revenues in a service market and also by volumes where comparable volume metrics are available.

Company Profiles
Individual company profiles of some or all of the leading players in the market. Typically includes business description, revenue, operating profit and margin, segment analysis (revenues, operating profit if available), employee count, management team, recent relevant news and other product and service information.

Market Forecasts
A forecast of market size and also possibly market segmentation. Most analysts forecast out five years; although it is best to forecast different scenarios. We tend to forecast markets using previous growth rates as an important indicator. We also look at other financial forecasts such as GDP, inflation and ecommerce sales, depending on the market.

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