Corum Client Spatialest Acquired by Schneider Geospatial

Headline: Corum Client Spatialest Acquired by Schneider Geospatial

Date: 25/08/2023

Type: Acquisition

Acquiror: Schneider Geospatial LLC

Target: Spatialest

Target Services: GIS-Based SaaS Solutions

Valuation: n/a

Country: United Kingdom

Continent: Europe

Target Industry: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Rationale: Schneider Geospatial, LLC, an Align Capital Partners portfolio company, acquires Spatialest, a provider of assessor-focused GIS-based SaaS solutions. The acquisition aligns with Schneider Geospatial’s mission to transform government interactions with technology.

Summary: Schneider Geospatial, LLC, a portfolio company of Align Capital Partners, has acquired Spatialest, an Ireland-based provider of GIS-based SaaS solutions for the US tax assessment market.

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